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     Melba Culpepper
Melba Culpepper

For nearly 20 years, Melba Culpepper has worked with non-profit organizations, helping them to grow and serve the needs of their constituents.

In January 2007, Culpepper was appointed the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood, serving 1400 students each year. Culpepper oversees the daily operations of the organization, spearheads fundraising and resource development, and acts as the liaison to government and community agencies. She manages the $1.2 million annual budget while simultaneously implementing strategic initiatives, including a $6M facilities expansion project to be completed in the fall of 2015.

Under Culpepper's leadership, the organization has gained local and national recognition for the catalytic role it has undertaken on behalf of the community and its students. During her tenure, Culpepper has introduced new development strategies, governing policies, and leadership initiatives.

Skilled at influencing, inspiring, motivating, and adept at planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating, Culpepper brings experience, knowledge and expertise to her role as Executive Director. Her leadership is demonstrated in her ability to identify and assess the potential of others, originate new approaches, determine goals, and ultimately lead others as they work to fulfill an organization's mission and vision. She was named the 2013 US House of Representatives 28th Congressional District Woman of the Year and the City of Los Angeles 2008 Pioneer Woman of the Year.

Prior to joining the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood, Culpepper was a Director for Stanford Home for Children in Sacramento, where she managed an annual budget of $1.4 million and was responsible for the development of new programs for children with mental illnesses. Prior to that, she was the Associate Executive Director of the Central YMCA of San Francisco where she managed programming for 3500 members and a budget of $3 million.