Sylvia Patsaouras Bio

     Sylvia Patsaouras
Sylvia Patsaouras

Sylvia Patsaouras spent over twenty years as a regional planner at the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the agency responsible for developing Southern California’s long-range regional plans and strategies to provide for efficient movement of people, goods, and information; enhance economic growth and international trade; and improve the environment and quality of life. Her positions at SCAG included Manager of Environmental Planning; Manager of Performance Assessment and Implementation; Deputy Director of Regional and Comprehensive Planning; and Director of Strategy, Policy & Public Affairs.

While at SCAG, Sylvia was an active participant in the development of agency standards and policies and major products for Southern California, including the Regional Comprehensive Plan and Guide and the Regional Transportation Plan, with their accompanying Environmental Impact Reports. As Manager of Environmental Planning, Sylvia supervised Air Quality Planning, Environmental Justice, Intergovernmental Review, Regional Energy Efficiency, Transportation Conformity, and Watershed Planning. As Director, Sylvia led SCAG’s Communications, Legislative Affairs, Public Affairs, and Regional Services.

Sylvia has served on City, County and State Commissions, including the Board of Commissioners for the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA); the Los Angeles City and County Homeless Services Authority; the City of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission; the State of California Commission on Regions; and the State of California World Trade Commission.

Throughout her professional career, Sylvia has had the opportunity to collaborate with representatives from Southern California’s political leadership, the business community, the public sector, and academia.

Sylvia earned her Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the UCLA School of Architecture and Urban Planning.