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6911 Laurelgrove Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605
Phone: (818) 765-0284
Fax: (818) 764-5794

Softball Staff Information
Name Title
Traci Goldberg Senior Recreation Director II
Dave Gadelha Senior Recreation Director I - Softball Director
Fredrik Matevossian Recreation Coordinator
Ron Dugar Umpire Coordinator
Dee Dee Weiner Single-Use Reservations
Coco Rodriguez Long-Term Reservations
Patricia Rodriguez, Paty Lopez Clerical Staff
Alan Feinstein, Anthony Lopez, Cornell Somerville, E.T. Arellano, Patrick Ewing, Rudy Barajas Field Staff

Our softball program offers an excellent recreational opportunity for the adults of the City of Los Angeles ranging from ages 18 years and older. The emphasis is placed on healthful competition in a recreational atmosphere. Our leagues are organized, conducted, and administered by a professional staff with expertise in league formation and equal competition. Officials are certified through a thorough training program. All this and more is done in an effort to offer the best recreational experience possible.

Adult Softball Umpires
Softball Scorecard
Umpire Problem/Ejection Report Officials Annual Agreement
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W-9 Form


Try This New E-Mail Address: Just e-mail with the subject line of, "gamestatus" (no space between "game" and "status"). You will immediately get an automated reply message with the most updated status of each field that Municipal Sports plays.

Field Conditions Telephone hotline (818) 765-0743.

Monday - Friday after 5:30 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday - after 5 p.m. Saturdays, will be updated as conditions change.

Future Team Registration Dates
Adult Softball
Fall/Winter 2016-17 Information
Registration: July 11-22, 2016
League play begins: September 6, 2016
Senior Softball
Spring/Summer 2016
Registration dates: February 1 to April 7, 2016
Men: 55+ Years Old
Women: 45+ Years Old
Spring/Summer 2016 Thursday Senior Softball League
Senior Softball Rules

Softball Files Available for Download
Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Team Registration Form
Fall/Winter 2016-17 Fact Sheet
Team Manager's Meeting - Pacific/Metro Teams
Summer  2016 City Championship Softball Tournament Entry Form
Team Manager
Team Manager's Meeting - Pacific/Metro Teams
Team Manager's Meeting - Valley Teams
Blank Team Roster Softball Official Rule Book
Softball Protest Form Email Opt-in
Umpire Evaluation Form Softball lineup Card
Add-Drop Form Banned Bat List
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Don't have a full team?  If your team needs a few more players or if you are an individual looking to join a team -- Use our Free Agent List! Free Agent lists are only available to registered team managers in person at the Valley Sports Office. To add a player to our Free Agent List, e-mail or phone in the following info: Name, Age, Work Phone, Home Phone, Skill Level, Positions Played, Day(s) of Week desired, and Area of L.A. desired.

NOTE: Players can only be added through the 8th week of the Season.


Game Schedules, Scores & Standings
Recent Schedules, Scores, and Standings
Winter 2016 Citywide Tournament Fall / Winter 2015-16
Spring / Summer 2016 Summer 2015 Citywide Tournament
Past Schedules, Scores, and Standings
Past Schedules, Scores, and Standings


Softball Photographs
Recent Photographs
Summer 2014 Citywide Tournament Summer 2015 Citywide Tournament
Winter 2013 Tournament Summer 2013 Tournament
Past Tournament & Home Run Derby Photos
Past Tournament Photos