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Welcome to the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks Online Registration (Online Activity Catalog). Clicking the red link below, you can access our Online Activity Catalog. The purpose of this application software is to assist Los Angeles residents in discovering and registering for the activities sponsored by recreation centers in their neighborhood. You must have an active and valid e-mail address for online registration to be effective.

This is one of the many ways we serve the community and your recreation needs. We are still in the process of getting all centers online. Please contact your local center if you have any trouble finding a desired facilities' programming using the Online Activity Catalog. View a specific center's contact info by locating the center on the following pages: Aquatic Centers, Pre-school Age License Child Care Centers, Multipurpose Centers, Recreation CenterS, & Senior Citizen Centers.

Facility Location
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109th Street RC
Algin Sutton RC
Aliso Pico Recreation Center
Alpine Recreation Center
Anderson Memorial Senior Citizen Center
Angels Gate RC
Ardmore (Seoul) Recreation Center
Augustus F. Hawkins Nature Park
Balboa Sports Center
Baldwin Hills RC
Banning RC
Banning Pool
Barrington RC
Bellevue Recreation Center
Betty Hill Senior Citizen Center
Bogdanovich RC
Boyle Heights Senior Citizen Center
Boyle Heights Sports Complex
Branford RC
Cabrillo Bath House
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Canoga Park SCC
Cardenas Recreation Center
Carlin G. Smith Community Center
Central Park RC
Chatsworth Recreation Center
Cheviot Hills RC
Chevy Chase Recreation Center
Claude Pepper Senior Citizen Center
Cleveland High School Pool
Costello Recreation Center
Crestwood Hills RC
Culver Slauson RC
Cypress Park Club House
Cypress Recreation Center
Daniels Field
David M. Gonzales/Pacoima RC
Delano RC
Denker RC
Downey Recreation Center
Eagle Rock Recreation Center
East Wilmington Greenbelt Community Center
Echo Park Indoor Pool
Echo Park Recreation Center
El Sereno Recreation Center
El Sereno Senior Citizen Center
Elysian Park
Elysian Valley Recreation Center
Encino Community Center
Evergreen Recreation Center
EXPO (John C. Argue Swim Stadium)
EXPO Center
EXPO Center (Ahmanson SCC)
EXPO Center (Parsons Preschool) CC
Exposition Park Center Complex (Teen Program)
Fairfax Senior Citizen Center
Felicia Mahood Multi-Purpose Center
Fernangeles RC
Field of Dreams
Fred Roberts RC
Garcia (Fresno) Recreation Center
Gilbert Lindsay RC
Glassell Park Community & Senior Center
Glassell Park Pool
Glassell Recreation Center
Granada Hills RC
Green Meadows RC
Griffith Park Adult Community Center
Griffith Park Boys Camp
Hansen Dam Aquatic Center
Harbor City RC
Harvard RC
Hazard Recreation Center
Highland Adult Senior Citizen Center
Highland Park Recreation Center
Hollenbeck Recreation Center
Hollywood Recreation Center
Hollywoodland Girls Camp
Hoover Recreation Center
Hubert Humphrey Pool
Hubert Humphrey RC
Imperial Courts RC
Jim Gilliam Child Care
Jim Gilliam RC
Jim Gilliam Senior Center
Jordan Downs RC
Ken Malloy Regional Park
Knapp Ranch RC
Lafayette Recreation Center
Lake Street Community Center
Lake View Terrace RC
Lanark RC
Las Palmas Senior Citizen Center
Leland RC
Lemon Grove Recreation Center
Lincoln Heights Recreation Center
Lincoln Heights Senior Citizen Center
Lincoln Heights Youth Center
Lincoln Park Recreation Center
Loren Miller RC
Mac Arthur SCC RC
Mar Vista Gardens RC
Mar Vista Recreation Center
Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center
Mason RC
Metro Mobile Programs
Mid Valley SCC
Montecito Heights RC
Montecito Heights SCC
Mt. Carmel RC
Mt. Carmel Senior Citizen Club
Municipal Sports
Normandale RC
Normandie RC
North Hills Community Park
North Hollywood RC
North Weddington RC
Northridge RC
Oakwood RC
Palisades RC
Palms RC
Pan Pacific Recreation Center
Pan Pacific Senior Center
Panorama RC
Pecan RC
Peck Park Community Center
Pedlow Skate Park
Penmar Child Care
Penmar RC
Pershing Square
Poinsettia RC
Pueblo del Rio RC
Queen Anne RC
Ramona Gardens RC
Ramona Hall Community Center
Rancho Cienega Sports Center
Reseda RC
Richard Alatorre Pool
Rio de Los Angeles State Park
Ritchie Valens Recreation Center
Robert M. Wilkinson Multi-Purpose Center
Robertson RC
Roosevelt Pool
Rose Hill Recreation Center
Rosecrans RC
Ross Snyder RC
Rustic Canyon RC
Saint Andrews RC
Sepulveda RC
Shatto Recreation Center
Sherman Oaks - East Valley Adult Center
Silver Lake Recreation Center
Slauson RC
Slauson SCC
South Park RC
South Seas House
State Street Recreation Center
Stonehurst RC
Stoner RC
Studio City RC
Sun Valley RC
Sunland RC
Sylmar RC
Tarzana RC
Toberman Recreation Center
Trinity RC
Valley Plaza RC
Van Ness RC
Van Nuys - Sherman Oaks Aquatic Center
Van Nuys RC
Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks RC
Venice Beach Recreation Center
Venice Pool
Victory Vineland RC
Vineyard RC
Wabash Recreation Center
Watts Senior Citizen Center
Westchester RC
Westchester Senior Citizen Center
Westwood Aquatic Center
Westwood RC
William Nickerson RC
Wilmington RC
Winnetka RC
Woodland Hills RC
Yosemite Park Recreation Center
Yucca Park Community Center

If you are a returning user, you can go directly to the online Activity Catalog system NOW >>


Once in the Online Registration, select the recreation center of your choice from the drop down menu then, click "Go" to get started.

Helpful Hints For User

From within the Online Activity Catalog System, there is a link for onscreen help or you can download the information below in PDF format as a reference tool for working through the registration process.

Files Available for Download
How to Register From Home Steps to Online Registration (from Palms RC) [PDF]

NOTE: Until you are done with registration, DO NOT use the "Back or "Forward" buttons on your internet browser. Clicking these will cause all of your information entered to be lost. If you need to go to a previous (or later) page, click on the "Previous" or "Next" buttons located on the bottom of the screen.

Online Payment Notes

Major credit cards accepted include: MASTERCARD and VISA

* If you have questions regarding activity registration, payments and refunds, please contact the recreation facility you registered at during their regular office hours.  Office hours vary at each location. Contact information and hours can be found by searching