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Adopt-a-park program

The City of Los Angeles has established a City-Wide Adopt-A-Park program in which volunteers engage in such activities as picking up litter, planting flower beds, and/or painting park equipment etc.

1. What can be adopted? The entire Park or particular areas:
  Sports Fields Flower Beds
  Playgrounds Trees and Shrubs
  Courts Trails
  Undeveloped Parkland Park benches/Picnic tables
2. How can Volunteers help? Volunteers can care for their adopted areas in the following ways:
  Picking up litter Removing graffiti
  Sweeping courts and pathways Pulling weeds
  Raking leaves Caring for trees
  Reporting park hazards  
3. How do you adopt a park?
  a. Contact 1-213-202-2700 and ask for the name and number of the park you would like to adopt.
  b. Sign and Complete an Adopt-a-Park Agreement PDF
  c. Complete a Volunteer Application
  d. Department Staff will process forms and contact you
4. What are Volunteers responsible for?
  Volunteers must abide by all park rules and ordinances
  Volunteers must notify Staff if resigning
  Volunteers must return all supplies upon completing task/duties
  Volunteers must sign in and out on a Sign in Sheet every time hours are worked. The Sign in Sheet will be retained by our department
  Volunteers should report any hazardous material (e.g. needles) to your City Volunteer Supervisor. Please Do Not Pick them up
  Volunteers need to report all accidents involving injury or equipment damage to their organization’s supervisor and City Volunteer Supervisor
  Volunteers should work in pairs or groups when possible
  If working alone, you must be an adult (18 years or older) and always, let the Volunteer Supervisor know your location
  Volunteers should not operate machinery or dangerous equipment
5. What type of support materials does the City /Department provide? Adopt a park provides you with the following type of supplies:
  Gloves and bags
  Litter stick(garbage picker upper)
  Some gardening tools, such as, hoes, brooms, shovels, and rakes
  Safety equipment such as mouth masks
6. What are the Benefits of Sponsoring a Park?
  Sponsors will be advertised on the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks Web Site
  Mentioned on Park Program Brochure or at least one park flyer
  Publicly credited at Adopted Park Events
  Invited to at least one Citywide event honoring volunteers and sponsors
  Recognized via a Banner or sign posted in adopted area
  An official Certificate of Adoption

See Also, Terms & Conditions to Adopt-a-Park

** We encourage all who would like to volunteer to contact us at: LAPARKS.VOLUNTEER@LACITY.ORG **