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Download and complete the PAB Interest Form and mail it directly to your facility of interest. Please feel free to use our FACILITY LOCATOR to get the center's mailing address and/or to locate the recreation facility nearest you. Thank you.


The Department of Recreation and Parks observed the need for a formal method of incorporating community input on decisions affecting communities and initiated the development of Center Service Associations or CSA’s in the 1970’s. CSA's led the way to the establishment and formalization of what we now recognize as Park Advisory Boards or PAB's.

The first PAB meetings were conducted in May of 1998. By the year's end there were more than 150 active PAB's with almost 1,000 community volunteers.

Park Advisory Boards and their members are essential to the overall operation of a recreation facility. The Department of Recreation and Parks believes that the partnership between staff and the community is of primary importance in identifying and meeting the recreational needs of the community. A Park Advisory Board works to make facilities safe, clean, and hospitable while offering guidance and assistance on programming and fundraising.

A Park Advisory Board member must be a community stakeholder and understand the community’s needs and interests. A member should support park improvements and help establish goals for the park. A member should also assist with special events and fundraising for park improvements. All PAB members are selected by the Department of Recreation and Parks staff.

All Park Advisory Board meetings are open to the public and have allotted time for public comments. Park Advisory Boards are governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act. The Brown Act is a state law which governs open meetings for local government bodies. The Brown Act established rules to ensure that all actions taken by boards, commissions, councils, and other public bodies of local agencies are taken openly and with public access and input.

** We encourage all who would like to volunteer to contact us at: LAPARKS.VOLUNTEER@LACITY.ORG **