Friends of EXPO Center

The Friends of EXPO Center

Who We Are:
The Friends of EXPO Center (“The Friends”) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to fundraise and support recreational and educational programs at the EXPO Center for at-risk youth and families in Los Angeles.

Our Mission:
As an organization, The Friends is motivated by the economic and social challenges gripping the EXPO neighborhood and are inspired by the potential to effectively empower change. Their mission is to assist at-risk youth and their families, and ultimately position EXPO as a vital community resource and national model of youth development, through fundraising and advocacy.

Our History:
The Friends established in 1998 to build EXPO Center, a six-acre recreational and educational complex developed through a private/public partnership on the site of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics Swim Stadium. Initial efforts to generate financial support to build EXPO garnered $30 million from well-established public and private sector sources.

Where We Are Today:
Since EXPO’s opening in 2004, The Friends has raised more than $12 million for new capital projects and innovative programs. The Friends continues to be a crucial resource to EXPO, providing leadership and financial support to maintain this valued resource for the residents of South Los Angeles.

Executive Committee

Steve Soboroff, Chairman
Terry L. Feit, Treasurer
F. Patrick Escobar, Secretary

Board Members

Mrs. Roy A. Anderson (Betty)
John M. Argue
Henry J. Brandom
Eric S. Bright
Stephen C. Calhoun
Debra Duncan
Chris Fox
Jon S. Gibby
Cecilia Aguilera Glassman
Maricela Gomez
Donovan Green
Jim Hill
Shelby Jordan
Deane Leavenworth
Allen J. Lynch
Robert Mancini
Brian Matthews
Michael O’Donnell
Earl Paysinger
Stefan Pollack
Curren D. Price, Jr.
David A.Roberts
Dennis Rodriguez
Jeffrey N. Rudolph
Martha Saucedo
Andrew Shuleschenko
Mike A. Shull
Arturo Sneider
John Somerville
Stender E. Sweeney II
Heidi Talbott


Stephanie Well, Executive Director
Julia Furer, Partnerships Director
Pam Ross, CPA
Stephen Smith-Contreras, Community Arts Director