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The Partnership Section is currently accepting proposals in support of recreational parks, recreational facilities and programs in the City of Los Angeles. Business entities and non-profit organizations are encouraged to submit mutually beneficial proposals for Department consideration. Join us in making a difference in the lives of millions!

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Cultural Sites

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Who We Are

For over 100 years the Department of Recreation and Parks has brought Los Angeles residents together to celebrate, to compete, to learn new skills and to relax with family and friends at welcoming parks and recreational facilities. Our people, parks and programs enhance the quality of life in Los Angeles. Recreation and Parks recognizes the necessity and importance of positive collaborations to continue our mission to provide affordable recreational, physical and cultural opportunities for the enjoyment and benefit of Los Angeles residents and visitors. Throughout the department's history, powerful partnerships have been created to expand our services and make a difference in the communities we serve. The Department’s Partnership Section was created to enhance existing programs and services beyond traditional programming through collaborative partnerships. We invite you to join us and make a difference in the lives of millions.

The Partnership Section was created on March 2011 after the development of a partnership plan which included a three year evaluation process of existing RAP partners. As an integral part of the Department’s Partnership and Revenue Branch, the Partnership Section focused on building solid partnerships with community based organizations, foundations, corporations and civic institutions.

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Our Team

The Partnership Section works closely with the Department’s Recreation, Maintenance, Planning and Construction units to implement mutually beneficial projects and programs through its collaborations with supportive agencies, organizations and companies. In addition, the Department also works closely with the Los Angeles Parks Foundation in various capacities.

The Los Angeles Parks Foundation:

The Los Angeles Parks Foundation (LAPF), a California non-profit organization with a mission to enhance, preserve and expand recreation and parks for Los Angeles, was created in 2008 in support of the Department’s mission. The LAPF raises funds to provide otherwise unavailable resources for the over 400 parks in the Department’s inventory, complementing and supporting, but not supplanting, the Department’s existing funding, programs, and activities. The LAPF funds capital projects and recreational programs, works to secure corporate sponsorship, supports family-style events, and administers the Friend-of-the-Parks, Adopt- A-Park and Donate-A-Bench program.

For more information on LAPF and its programs visit:

Our Assets

The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks has facilities that are as diverse and wide-ranging as the people it serves, with an inventory of over 400 neighborhood, community and regional parks comprising approximately over 16,000 acres of parkland.

Assets and Resources include...


Tennis Courts

Ball Fields
  • 184 Recreation Facilities
  • 100+ Outdoor Basketball Courts
  • 95 Indoor Gymnasiums
  • 62 Pools
  • 56 Soccer Fields
  • 58 Outdoor Fitness Circuits
  • 13 Lakes
  • 92 Miles of Hiking Trails
  • 30 Senior Citizen Centers
  • 38 Universal Access Playgrounds
  • 21 Synthetic Turf Fields
  • 26 Skate Facilities
  • 13 Golf Courses
  • 12 Museums
  • 9 Dog Parks
  • 9 Splash Pad Sites

Visit for a full list of facilities and related information

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