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Pershing Square

An outdoor concert, event center and public park located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles

Welcome to Pershing Square Outdoor Concert and Event Center

Pershing Square is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at 532 S. Olive St. The facility is operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks. Dedicated in 1866 and originally named La Plaza Abaja (the Lower Plaza), the “Square” underwent its first renovation in 1911 to reflect the social and economic growth of the city. During World War I the park was used for receptions for the militia and provided a public forum much like London’s Hyde Park Corner. In 1918 the park’s name was formally changed to Pershing Square in honor of the World War I general. The Department of Recreation and Parks, the Pershing Square Property Association and the Community Redevelopment Agency joined to renovate the park once again in 1989.

Pershing Square features an open and elevated ayan-style amphitheater, a grove of orange trees that pays tribute to Los Angeles’ agricultural roots, and at the south end a large river rock-lined circular fountain with a time-released water flow creating a tidal action. Artists Ricardo Legorreta, Laurie Olin and Barbara McCarren helped design Pershing Square.

Pershing Square hosts a variety of community events. The Pershing Square Downtown Stage is a six-week summer concert series with free music, films and events four days a week. Artists who have performed on the Downtown Stage include The Fixx, The Bangles, The Psychedelic Furs, The Electric Light Orchestra and 10,000 Maniacs. Friday night Movies, Salsa Sunset Dances and lunchtime concerts are all part of the summer. An outdoor ice skating rink is hosted by Pershing Square November through January including a snow laden Winter Holiday Festival.

Free Zumba and Yoga classes are held in the new Community Room. A new chess are is available for chess clubs, tournaments and casual players. Also new are the Pet Area and Hanging Wall Garden.

Pershing Square also runs a Mobile Youth Program that provides free arts and crafts, sports, games and summer and winter day camps for hundreds of children. A new children's play area will built on the campus in early 2015.

A Farmers Market and Food Truck Friday lunch events are run weekly. Annual events include art shows by the Art Squared Gallery a city scape outdoor gallery; the St. Patrick’s Day free lunchtime concert celebration and the Spring Eggstravaganza. The venue also serves as a major location for television shows, films and private parties.

For more information about Department of Recreation and Parks events At Pershing Square Outdoor Concert and Event Center, activities, services, programs and facilities, visit laparks.org/pershingsquare or call (213) 847 4970.


Some things you should know about us.

Dedicated for use by Mayor Aguilar in 1866, this park land was named "La Plaza Abaja." In 1886, it was renovated with an official park plan designed by Fred Eaton. In 1911, the park was redesigned by John Parkinson to reflect the social and economic growth of the city.

During World War I, the Square was often the scene for militia receptions and provided a forum for public speakers. On November 8, 1918, the park was formally named Pershing Square in honor of the World War I general.

The next major change came in the 1950s, when an 1800-car garage was built beneath the park. In 1989, the Pershing Square Property Association and the Community Redevelopment Agency contributed to assist the Department of Recreation and Parks in the renovation of the park. Architect Ricardo Legoretta and landscapist Laurie Olin designed the current park plan, and the park was rededicated on February 3, 1994.

For more history and walking tours, contact the L.A. Conservancy.


532 South Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90013



From City Hall ride DASH "B" toward the Financial District and exit Olive at 6th Street. From the Garland Building ride DASH "E," exit Olive at 7th Street, and walk north one block. For alternate routes, visit LADOT.


Ride the Red Line toward downtown Los Angeles and exit Pershing Square (5th Street). For alternate routes, visit MTA.


Drive the 110 Freeway toward Downtown Los Angeles and exit 6th Street. For parking information, call 213-473-5557.

Additional Information

Disabled Person

Parking is available on the first level of our parking facility. An elevator is also located at the center of the garage. Interpreters, assisted listening devices, and other services may be provided upon request. Please call 888-LA-PARKS or visit www.laparks.org/pershingsquare

Park Advisory Board

The essential to the overall operation of a recreation facility

Park Advisory Boards and their members are essential to the overall operation of a recreation facility. The partnership between staff and community is of primary importance in identifying and meeting the recreational needs of the community.

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks vision is to provide diverse and beautiful recreation facilities, and innovative leadership for the universal enjoyment of our residents and visitors. Park Advisory Boards enable The Recreation Department to work together to make facilities safe, clean and hospitable.

This past year the Pershing Square Park Advisory Board has been very busy generating positive changes at the Square. Here are a few things the PAB has done this past year to make Pershing Square better for the entire community.



January led off the year with the Pershing Square Park Advisory Board securing funds for the new Pershing Square Community Room. The room was set to be used for park classes, community meetings and rehearsal space.

In February the construction begins on the new community room. Chess tables were purchased for the new Chess Area Garden. The PAB also signs on as opening night sponsor for the Pershing Square Downtown Stage Summer Concert Series securing funds for the Orchestra with members of ELO.



The PAB held their annual Sponsor Party in April at the Biltmore Hotel. The Board thanked returning sponsors and introduced new Pershing Square sponsors Kaiser Permanente and Yahoo to the downtown community.

May began construction on the new Chess Area sponsored by a 2013 Yahoo Grant, The Pershing Square PAB and the Dept. of Recreation and Parks. The area consist of new landscaping, accessible chess boards with chairs and game pieces that are provided for loan at the park recreation office. The project was quickly completed by the end of June and made available to the public.



June also brought the completion of the new community room just in time for the space to double as a green room for the summer concert series performing artist.

In July the PAB kicked off the Downtown Stage Summer concert series by sponsoring the opening night Electric Light Orchestra concert. A co-sponsored Perch pre party for Pershing Square sponsors was also part of opening night activities.



In October the PAB was the recipient of the $100,000 2014 My LA2050 Grants Challenge. These funds along with a matching grant from the Department of Recreation and Parks will be ear marked for the new children’s playground set to break ground in February 2015. The new playground will consist of two areas, the south (6th street) and south west (Olive & 6th street) sides of the park. Besides new children's play equipment, new landscaping and the removal of concrete walls in those areas will be part of the project.

More good news came in November with a 50,000 Grant from the Dew Foundation. The DEW Foundations sponsors both music and art programs at Pershing Square. This year’s award will also fund a new living fountain project located in the hanging wall garden area and a video studio project.

All Park Advisory Board meetings are scheduled at 8:30 am in the Pershing Square Community room. Following are the 2015 meeting dates:

  • January 14
  • February 11
  • March 11
  • April 8
  • May 13
  • June 10
  • July 8
  • August 12
  • September 9
  • October 14
  • November 11
  • December 9

For more information on attending a meeting or becoming a Park Advisory Board member please call 213-847-4970.


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Pershing Square Office Hours

M-F 9:00AM—5:30PM
  • Staff is on-site for weekend special events. Pershing Square has 24-hour security.

Pershing Square Contact Persons

Louise Capone, Senior Recreation Director/Facility Manager
  • 532 South Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
  • Phone: 213-847-4970 | Fax: 213-485-0985
  • Email: pershing.square@lacity.org
Gus Sedano, Recreation Coordinator Mobile Youth Programs/
Permit and Venue Rental
  • 530 South Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
  • Phone: 213-485-1645 | Fax: 213-485-0985
Raquel Favela, Permits Applications
  • 530 South Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
  • Phone: 213-847-4970 | Fax: 213-485-0985

Permits & Venue Rental

Film companies are requested to have paper work and payment complete one week prior to scheduled film shoot. Rental Applicants are requested to have paper work and payment complete one month prior to event.

Pershing Square Parking Garage

Jose Flores, Parking Garage Manager

532 South Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phone: 213-485-5557 | Fax: 213-485-0985

For information regarding daily or monthly parking rates, special event or film location parking please call directly to the garage office located on the first level of the underground garage at the bottom of the west side escalator.

Booking & Entertainment

If you would like your music group to be considered for a concerts series please mail a promotional package to Pershing Square care of "Artist Relations" at 532 S. Olive Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Send an EPK to Pershing.Square@lacity.org. Please include all contact information. All musicians, manager or booking agents may submit. All music content, stage set up, audio input and riders are reviewed before presentation selection.