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The CLASS Parks Program operates 37 Teen Club sites within the City's 184 recreation centers. These selected recreation centers provide clean and safe, supervised after school and weekend enrichment, as well as educational, vocational, recreational, and adventure-based programs for youth 11 to 17 years old.

The following values are instilled in youth through the CLASS Parks Programs:

CLASS Parks Programs build strong, resilient, and responsible youth who have a healthy vision for their future.

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Since its inception, the CLASS Parks Adventure Program has taken thousands of teenagers on a wide variety of educational adventure voyages. Years of experience, planning, and scouting go into developing each CLASS Parks Adventure trip. They are continuously refined to take advantage of new experiences that help promote teamwork and camaraderie, leadership, social awareness, and other important life lessons that will last long after the activity is over. Furthermore, the supportive, non-competitive atmosphere allows participants to appreciate others for who they are and make close relationships with people with diverse interests and backgrounds.

CLASS Parks' extraordinary variety of Adventure Program activities and locations offers something for almost everyone, and guarantees something new, exciting, and different for its participants. Although the Program focus and backdrop may be vastly different from one trip to the next, CLASS Parks' consistent program design and philosophy allows each participant to get the same "CLASS Parks experience" regardless of which trip or activity they choose. The CLASS Parks Adventure Program aspires to educate teens in adventure-based recreation through a progressive series of hands-on excursions and activities, often utilizing City, County, State, and National Parks, as well as local recreation facilities. The Program offers activities that challenge youth in a safe, natural environment while encouraging them to acquire new practical skills. The Program is designed to help youth build self-confidence and teach them how to manage fear by gradually progressing from easy to more difficult adventure activities. The activities also strive to build trust, improve communication, develop teamwork, stimulate personal growth, increase enthusiasm, and teach awareness of the outdoors. Youth who have actively participated in Teen Clubs and have participated in at least one community service project are eligible candidates for these activities.

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