CLASS Parks Youth Employment Internship Program

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Three times a year the CLASS Parks Program runs a new track of YEIP which provides hundreds of teens with pragmatic life skills (e.g. money management, professional etiquette, resume composition, job skills, communication and tolerance) valuable for facilitating a youth's transition into life after high school. The life skills instructions are complemented by distinct internship training courses in:
1) Camp Counselor Leadership Training, 2) Outdoor Education Leadership Training, 3) Crime Scene Investigation Leadership Training.

Internship training is conducted throughout the school year on designated Saturdays. Awards and incentives are given to graduates of the program completing compulsory training hours as required by YEIP guidelines.


Camp Counselor Leadership Training

This highly interactive class involves participants gaining practical knowledge of after-school and day camp programs. Weekly themes will be utilized to enhance creativity and teach activity planning, in regards to arts and crafts, cooking, games, science, nature, sports, and much more.

Crime Scene Investigation Leadership Training

Participants in this class learn the art of crime scene investigation through hands on experiments followed up by mysteries to solve using the forensic science skills that they’ve learned. They will gain knowledge in fingerprinting, casting, DNA analysis, toxicology, entomology, blood spatter testing, and deductive reasoning. Participants work with the same materials and equipment that real forensic scientists use.

Outdoor Education Leadership Training

In this class, participants will receive hands on training and gain knowledge in basic camping and outdoor skills, survival skills, first aid, outdoor cooking, topographical maps, stars, plants and wildlife.Through experiential learning, interns will gain a new understanding of what nature has to offer.


The Technology course specializes in teaching interns technology fundamentals. Interns will gain valuable skills through activities such as coding, robotics, word processing, STEM and more.

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