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The following areas are currently closed: Bronson Caves, Parkline Shuttle, Merry-Go-Round

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Griffith Park lies just west of the Golden State Freeway (I-5), roughly between Los Feliz Boulevard on the south and the Ventura Freeway (SR 134) on the north. Freeway off-ramps leading to the park from I-5 are Los Feliz Boulevard, Griffith Park (direct entry) and Zoo Drive. Approaching the park on SR 134 eastbound, take either the Forest Lawn Drive or Victory Boulevard offramps. From SR 134 westbound, take Zoo Drive or Forest Lawn Drive. After leaving freeways, follow the signs into the park


The higher elevations of Griffith Park can be extremely congested with heavy traffic and limited parking opportunities especially on weekends, holidays and during the summer. The easiest option to visit Griffith Observatory or to hike to a view of the Hollywood Sign is to use public transit, the DASH Observatory/Los Feliz shuttle, which is available 7 days a week,

Everyday – 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
*The bus runs everyday, even when the Observatory building is closed.

Shuttles run every 15—20 minutes. Last shuttle to depart from Griffith Observatory is at 10:00pm.

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Over the years, recreational attractions have been developed throughout Griffith Park, however, an amazingly large portion of the Park remains virtually unchanged from the days Native American villages occupied the area's lower slopes. Today's Griffith Park offers numerous family attractions, an assortment of educational and cultural institutions, and miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, and provides visitors an ideal environment for enjoyable recreation activities.