Agents Of Discovery

What is Agents of Discovery?

Agents of Discovery is an educational mobile game where people of all ages can learn about the natural, cultural, and historic resources at parks around the world. Are you ready to explore your Los Angeles City Parks in a whole new way?

Complete activities and answer questions to earn points, complete a “mission”, and receive a prize reward. A smart phone or tablet is required but the app is free, and once you download it, it does not require WiFi nor a data connection. All our missions are now available to play in English and Spanish!

How To Play Agents of Discovery:

Download the free app from Google Play or the App Store.

Open the app on your smart phone or tablet and DOWNLOAD the specific mission you want to play -  That way you won’t use any wifi or data!

To switch between languages go to “Settings”.

Choose a Mission at an LA City Park that you want to do!

Head to the park, open the app and begin your adventure!

Earn a reward by completing a mission! Show it to a Recreation employee to receive your reward!

Head to one of the parks below, open the APP, to start your mission!
You’re ready to begin!