The Department of Recreation and Parks is an independent department created by the Charter of the City of Los Angeles. The Department is headed by a Board of Commissioners, comprised of five citizen members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The Board sets Department policy and oversees the actions of the General Manager and his staff.

The Charter empowers the Board to contract with private parties to operate concessions on Department property. A concession is defined as a private business operated on Department property by contract or permit. Examples of such businesses include food and beverage operations, tennis and golf lessons, driving ranges, pro shops and gift stands, equestrian centers, electronic game arcades, amusement rides, bicycle rentals, vending machines, batting cages, etc.

With few exceptions, the City Charter requires that all contracts be offered to the public through a competitive bid or competitive Request For Proposal (RFP) process. The process is open to public scrutiny to ensure compliance with the law and that the best interests of the City are met. The RFP process allows the Department to thoroughly evaluate the proposers' qualifications and has been developed within the parameters set by the City Charter, City Administrative Code, and City Policies and Ordinances.

The Concession Program is managed with two goals: (1) Provide the public with the best and most satisfactory service from the concessions, and (2) Ensure that the City receives adequate and appropriate compensation from private businesses allowed to operate on park property.

The Concessions Division prepares RFPs, develops and monitors contracts and overseees concession operations citywide. For further information regarding the concession program and opportunities please call (213) 202-3280.

To be notified of concession business opportunities, please complete the Concession Interest Form - PDF

Concession Opportunities Webpage

Concessions Request For Proposals (RFP) Power Point - PDF

Summary of Responsibilities for Concession Operations - PDF