Program Partnership

Key Partnerships:

The Friends of EXPO Center
Community Services Unlimited, Inc. (CSU, Inc)
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association & The Harmony Project
The Clubhouse Network
Jewish Vocational Services (JVS)
Kids in Sports (KIS)
Los Angeles Police Department (Southwest Division)
Regalettes, Inc.
Summer Youth Job Corps
University of Southern California (USC)

The following is a list of Community Based Organizations and Nonprofits that offer free programs and services to our youth and family members.

The Friends of EXPO Center

The Friends of EXPO Center (The Friends) is a nonprofit organization that provides strategic and financial support to EXPO Center.  EXPO Center was built through an extraordinary collaboration between the Friends and the City of Los Angeles to develop a community center complex.

Private sector funding provided by The Friends enables EXPO to offer many important educational, recreational, and enrichment programs for economically disadvantaged youth and their families. Without the support of The Friends, municipal budget limitations would result in the loss of many crucial afterschool, weekend, and summer programs for neighborhood children.

Community Services Unlimited, Inc. (CSU, Inc.):

CSU’s mission is to foster the creation of communities actively working to address the inequalities and systemic barriers that make sustainable communities and self-reliant life-styles unattainable.  The From the Ground Up Gardening Program brings together people of various ages to create a mini-urban farm and to promote learning across generations.  CSU also provides a gardening and nutrition program for youth in the Ralph M. Parsons Preschool.

Los Angeles Philharmonic & The Harmony Project:

EXPO Center Youth Orchestra: The EXPO Center Youth Orchestra is an ensemble of talented youth from south Los Angeles whose focus on excellence and creativity has given them the opportunity to showcase their talents at venues throughout Los Angeles, including the Hollywood Bowl and Walt Disney Concert Hall.  This collaborative project with EXPO Center, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, and Harmony Project provides economically disadvantaged youth with access to exceptional instrumental and orchestral education. The musical instruments and instruction are free to all students, who represent more than 60 local schools. Five years ago, the orchestra began with 40 children; today over 300 young people are members of three orchestras.

The Clubhouse Network:

A international community of 100 Clubhouses located in 19 countries, providing youth with life-changing opportunities for over 22 years. The Clubhouse is a safe out-of-school digital design studio where young people express themselves through “STEAM”—STEM and the Arts. Members engage with high-end technologies, supported by mentors, and take ownership of their learning while developing technological, workforce, and leadership skills. The Clubhouse @ EXPO Center has been an active member of the network since 2004. The Clubhouse Network provides professional development for staff as well as travel opportunities for our members..

Jewish Vocational Services (JVS):

BankWorks Program: A free, comprehensive bank career-training program to prepare participants, from low-income communities with barriers to employment, for entry-level jobs as bank tellers.  Upon successful completion of the program, BankWorks graduates are referred for job placement at the program’s partner banks and receive ongoing coaching for career advancement. 

Kids in Sports (KIS):

Kids in Sports provides youth, ages 5-17, with the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports leagues.  The Club’s low fee allows thousands of kids a unique opportunity to increase levels of fitness and experience the thrill of being part of a team.  Youth gain self-confidence from learning and mastering new sports skills.

Los Angeles Police Department (Southwest Division):

Deputy Auxiliary Program (DAP): This weekly program teaches youth, ages 9-13, a sense of civic responsibility, good citizenship, a positive relationship with law enforcement, and develops leadership abilities in the participants.  DAP also offers recreational field trips.

Regalettes, Inc.

Regalettes, Inc. is a nonprofit club committed to education, cultural, and civic activities.  Over the past 50 years, the organization has acknowledged, sponsored, and financially assisted African American youth in continuing their education by providing college scholarships.  The Regalettes support EXPO Center’s Winter Festival with toy and gift card donations, and help to offset the Festival’s cost.

Summer Youth Job Corps:

Sponsored by the Friends of EXPO Center, this program prepares at-risk youth for the workforce. During the school year, teens participate in job preparedness workshops, such as resume/cover letter writing, application completion, job search, and interviewing.  Having completed the program, they are eligible to apply for summer jobs.  In 2012, The Friends provided 30 youth with jobs in EXPO Center’s summer camps, aquatics program, youth sports, the Exposition Park Rose Garden, and administrative offices. Our program partner, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, hired an additional 20 EXPO teens.

University of Southern California (USC):

USC Family of Schools: Through this partnership, EXPO Center has access to LAUSD’s mailing list of local schools within a 3 mile radius of the center.  EXPO Center serves as a partner and a feeder location for after school programs, the Class Parks Teen Program, and the Learn to Swim Program.  Through joint marketing efforts, parents receive our quarterly program brochure.