The Department has many natural areas of parkland and intends to maintain and sustain its ecological character. The name "Dirty Dozen" was given to the twelve plants that pose problems and prevent the establishment of native flora due to their high reproductive rate and accelerated growth. Exotic plants, as well as native vegetation, may be considered a weed if it adversely affects the sustainability of a natural area and/or encroaches into developed landscapes.

These booklets were created to assist Department of Recreation and Parks staff and volunteers in the proper identification of problematic weeds specific to the following locations.

Aliso Canyon Park PDF 1449 KB
Bandini Canyon PDF 1536 KB
Chatsworth Oaks Park PDF 1649 KB
Elysian Park PDF 1460 KB
Ernest Debs Park PDF 1440 KB
Griffith Park PDF 1358 KB
Hansen Dam PDF 1668 KB
Harbor Regional Park PDF 1544 KB
Limeklin Canyon Park PDF 1524 KB
O'Melveny Park PDF 1700 KB
Peck Canyon Park PDF 1409 KB
Potrero Canyon Park PDF 1370 KB
Sepulveda Dam Basin PDF 1704 KB
Zelzah Park PDF 1435 KB
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