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The Department of Recreation and Parks has been installing outdoor fitness equipment since 2007. This equipment is built for teenagers and older, and is designed to be simple, sturdy and to hold up to all weather conditions. The variety of the equipment provides for workouts of different types: strength, cardio-vascular, flexibility, and combinations of the above. When combined with jogging trails, an even more varied workout is achievable. And when designed in clusters, a more social workout can be experienced. Recreation and Parks firmly believes that the equipment can contribute to the well-being of our park patrons by providing a free, outdoor workout located in a park setting, thereby enabling a proactive, hands-on approach to health for anyone using the equipment. Now that ADA accessible equipment is available (as of late 2013) we will be able to expand the health benefits to an even wider cross section of the population. Moving forward, all new installations will now include ADA accessible equipment. As of November 2013, we have completed 44 installations of outdoor fitness equipment, and there are an additional 14 installations planned for the near future, with no limits in sight.

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