Board Approved Projects: CEQA Documents

BR 23-022 NOE Woodley Lakes Golf Course - Restaurant Lease Agreeement
BR 23-026 NOE Keswick Park - Transfer of Property and Development
BR 23-028 NOE South Park RC - LA Chargers Equipment Donation
BR 23-032 NOE South Park RC - New Mural Installation
BR 23-033 NOE Penmar RC - Tennis Courts and Lighting Improvements
BR 23-036 NOE Griffith Park Center - Snack Stand Concession Agreement
BR 23-040 NOE Sepulveda Basin RA - Balboa Sports Complex Restroom Renovation
BR 23-041 NOE Flat Top - Disapproval of Transfer of Property
BR 23-044 NOE 6th Street PARC Improvements - Additional Funding and Final Project
BR 23-048 NOE Martin Luther King, Jr. Park - Park Improvements
BR 23-049 NOE MacArthur Park - Playground Installation
BR 23-050 NOE Downey RC - Albion Property Transfer
BR 23-053 NOE Various Centers - Agreement with LA County Special Elect CD 6 2023 Voting Centers
BR 23-054 NOE Vermont Square - LAPF Tree Donation
BR 23-057 NOE Grape Street Pocket Park - Naming and Sign Installation
BR 23-060 NOE 1st and Broadway Civic Center Park - Project Suspension
BR 23-062 NOE Griffith Park - Rodger Young Village Signage Installation at Autry Museum
BR 23-063 NOE 6th Street Viaduct PARC Improvements Project - Transfer and Allocation of Quimby Fees
BR 23-067 NOE Hubert H. Humphrey Memorial Park – Pool Building Roof Improvements
BR 23-068 NOE Dockweilier State Beach - LA County Stormdrain Renovation
BR 23-070 NOE Griffith Park - Internment Camp sign donation
BR 23-075 NOE Larissa Parkway - Retaining Wall Renovation
BR 23-078 NOE Reseda Skate Facility – Reseda Ice Skating And Roller Rink Project Commitment Of Park Fees
BR 23-080 NOE Arts District Park - Cancellation of Mural Project
BR 23-081 NOE Rosecrans RC - Methane Exhaust System Installation
BR 23-082 NOE KMHRP - Trihydro License Agreement
BR 23-095 NOE 6th St Viaduct Parc - Measure A supplemental funding
BR 23-097 NOE LA River Greenway Habitat Restoration - Cancellation of SMMC Grant
BR 23-098 NOE Holleigh Bernson & Limekiln Canyon Park - Air Monitoring Stations
BR 23-099 NOE Rancho Cienega Park Sports Complex - Phase 1B Supplemental Funding
BR 23-100 NOE Venice Of America Centennial Park - Outdoor Improvements
BR 23-101 NOE Leland Park - License Agreement with SP Industrial
BR 23-104 NOE Boyle Heights Sports Center - Agreement with LACC
NOE Runyon Canyon Parking Lot Reopening