A Park Ranger is a sworn peace officer under 830.31(b) P.C. who receives full basic police academy training upon hire. The Park Ranger Division is dedicated to ensuring that city parks are a safe and enjoyable place for public use. Park Rangers strive to meet the safety needs of the community through persistent efforts toward crime reduction and security, and by collaboration with law enforcement agencies to forge and improve community-police relationships.

Typical duties performed by Los Angeles City Park Rangers include:

  1. Patrolling Griffith Park and surrounding areas and responding to calls for assistance from the public, Department staff, or others
  2. Providing public assistance
  3. Enforcing park ordinances and educating patrons regarding park rules and regulations
  4. Providing emergency services (i.e., firefighting, search and rescue)
  5. Conducting nature hikes for school children
  6. Providing interpretive education programs at park facilities citywide
  7. Assisting in citywide shelter and welfare operations during states of emergency
  8. Participation in specialized units such as the Equestrian Mounted Unit, the Bicycle Unit, and the Fire Suppression Unit

Park Rangers are deployed 7:00 a.m. to 10:45 p.m, seven days a week.

Office of Publice Safety 24 hours communication (213) 978-4670, HTTP://GSD.LACITY.ORG/OPS/OPS.HTM


Division Staff
Title Name
Acting Administrator Rick Beutell, Police Lieutenant
Patrol Section Supervisor Pat Joyce, Senior Park Ranger
Observatory/Communication Section Supervisor Joe Drabinski, Senior Park Ranger
Interpretive/Mounted Section Supervisor Sharie Abajian, Senior Park Ranger
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Albert Torres, Senior Park Ranger II


2 Senior Peace Officer Rangers
2 Senior Non-Peace Officer Rangers
11 Peace Officer Park Rangers
7 Non-Peace Officer Park Rangers
21 Park Safety Officers (Security Officer Exempt – part-time)
4 Clerical Employees