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(323) 644-6220
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What the Park Film Office does:

  • Provide information and reservations that result in issuing permits
  • Provide staff to meet and confer with location managers
  • Obtain Park Maintenance Supervisor and Recreation Director approval of requested site
  • Write  guidelines for each individual permit
  • Work in conjunction with Film LA, Inc., to approve and issue the permit

There are 437 parks and 184 recreation centers that the Department manages. There is a power node
located at Griffith Park in the Upper Old Zoo area. Although each park and facility is unique, the step to filming or photography activities is the same. The following is an outline of these steps given to inquiring production companies and the costs associated with obtaining a permit from the Department for those activities:


1.Determine the location that suits the look wanted and decide on the approximate dates and times needed
2.Call the Park Film Office at (323) 644-6220 to request information on your location and reservation procedure. Staff will provide information of any rules, procedures and/or restrictions that may apply to the request
3.Film LA, Inc., issues permits and collects fees on behalf of the City of Los Angeles, call them at (213) 977-8600 to arrange for your permit. Currently, the location fees charged to use City parkland for filming are as follows:
Prep days:$150/day/park
Film days:$450/day/park (includes base camp & crew parking)
Wrap/Clean-up days:$150/day/park
Equipment base camp:$450/day/park
Crew Parking:$100/day/park (1-15 vehicles)
$300/day/park (16+ vehicles)
Location Hold:$450/day/park
Still Photo:$75/day/park for 1-14 persons*
$150/day/park for 15+ persons*
Catering:$225/day/park (1-74 persons)
$450/day/park (75+ persons)
Water/Electricity:$75/day/utility (invoiced after shoot)
Spot Check$150
Special Facility
- Administration Fee:
* Includes all that are present to facilitate or observe the project both in front and behind the camera (parents, trainers, clients, talent, etc.). NOTE: RATES AND FEES EFFECTIVE 7/07 AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
4.A Park Monitor may be required depending on what is being done and location of filming. Currently, the rate for a Park Monitor is $38/hour. The monitor will facilitate the filming while protecting park resources
5.If there are any changes or cancellations the Park Film Office must be informed; if no one answers please leave a message. In addition, contact must be made with the Film Monitor to give them call time changes or cancellations

Park Film Office Manager 
Name: Nicole Robottom 
Office: 213-847-3431

Field Services and Film Scouts and Afterhour Concerns
Name: Allen Thomas
Office: 213-847-3432

Permit Operations Supervisor
Name: Christina Woods 
Office: 323-644-6220

Permit Operations Full Time staff
Name: Maureen Wilde
Name: Jasmin Gomez
Name: Jonathan Petherbridge
Office: 323-644-6220


The location fee may be waived for students, press (with valid I.D.), non-profit organizations with proper documentation, government entities, and those producing programming for broadcast over public access channels in the City of Los Angeles; provided they do not require the area to be expressly reserved for their use and are willing to work around all other park activities.  Film LA, Inc., will determine fee waiver requirements in addition to any other permit (Fire, Police, etc.) and insurance needs.

Please note: Waivers do not include film monitor, special facility fees, utility or fees incurred by Film LA, Inc., or other entities.

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