Park Film Procedure


  • A film company calls the Park Film Office to make a reservation.
  • The Park Film Office Coordinator enters information and requests pertaining to the film shoot, into the reservation system.
  • The film company is then given a reservation number.
  • The coordinator verifies that the area requested is available for filming.
  • The coordinator determines if an escorted scout is needed based on the type of film shoot that the company has requested. Some factors that would require an escorted scout are:
    • When the location is a safety, environmental or of another sensitive nature
    • When it is a “special circumstance” production with pyrotechnics, stunts, heavy equipment
    • When it’s a Special Facility. (A list of Special Facilities is available upon request)
    • When the company requests a scout and it requires the opening of a gate or if the company is not familiar with the area

In some cases the film company has already scouted the area where they want to film. They know exactly what they want and the request is low impact. For instance, a walk and talk shoot, etc.

  • The coordinator takes down the requests from the film company.
  • The coordinator then calls the Park Maintenance Supervisor to get the requests approved.
  • If the coordinator can’t reach the Park Maintenance Supervisor, the coordinator will send an e-mail and leave a voice message for the Park Maintenance Supervisor.
  • When the Park Maintenance Supervisor gives an approval over the phone, the coordinator will send an e-mail to the Park Maintenance Supervisor as a confirmation of what was approved over the phone.
  • E-mails will be used as a confirmation of all Park Maintenance Supervisor’s approvals.
  • Approvals are entered into the reservation system with notation of, when the requests where approved, who approved the request and what was approved.
  • If requests are not approved then the scout or the coordinator will ask the Park Maintenance Supervisor if they have any suggestions for an alternative.
  • The company is advised of what was not approved, and then offer the alternative.
  • The company might take the alternative and ask for a second scout.
  • The coordinator then communicates the details of the film shoot to the surrounding entities (Greek, Observatory, etc.) and takes down any concerns.
  • Concerns are then relayed back to the Film Company and guidelines are revised if needed on the finalized permit.

Once everything has been approved the company is issued a permit.