Park Film Production


Welcome to the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks (Department). In our partnership to protect the environmental integrity of our parks the Park Film Office is providing guidelines to ensure a safe and successful film shoot. Please review and provide copies of these guidelines to the appropriate responsible persons. Thank you for the continuous use of our parkland.

  • Vehicles and/or heavy equipment are not allowed on turf areas unless prior approval is given by the Park Film Office.
  • Production companies must provide their own restroom and trash receptacles. The City dumpsters and trash cans cannot be used so all self-generated trash has to be removed and disposed of off-site.
  • Film permits do not provide exclusive use of a park or recreation area.
  • Service roads, parking lot driveway access, handicap or electric vehicle designated parking stalls may not be blocked or restricted. Emergency vehicle access lanes must be maintained in parking lots and park streets at all times.
  • Due to underground plastic irrigation lines and trees having shallow root systems, staking or drilling into turf, rocks, trees or asphalted areas is not permissible unless prior approval is given by the Park Film Office. This approval will be noted in the permitted guidelines.
  • Locked park gates can only be accessed by a Park Film Office Monitor. Security of open gates must be provided by the permitted company. Any equipment that is permitted to stay overnight must be guarded by the permitted company's security group.
  • Alterations to natural or manmade surroundings or content of the park are not permissible unless documented in these specific guidelines. The permit holder is financially responsible for all remediation should there be any damage or unauthorized alteration to Department property. The remediation and cost of will be determined by the Park Film Office.
  • A Park Film Office Monitor(s) may be assigned to the permitted location. Their job is to ensure guidelines are followed, liaison between park patrons, other City employees and a communication link between Permitee and the Park Film Office for any additional needs or authorizations. When the Park Film Office is closed the Park Film Monitor has the authority and responsibility to modify these guidelines within the parameters given to them by their supervisor. The Park Film Monitor has access 24/7 to contact their supervisors if needed. The Permitee will be required to adhere to the instructions, restrictions and requests given by the Park Film Monitor.
  • Smoking is prohibited on all Department properties. An exception has been made for permitted film production companies to smoke in areas that are designated by the Fire Safety Officer or Park Film Monitor. If a Fire Safety Officer or Park Film Monitor is not assigned to the Permitee there will be no smoking with the exception of an actor smoking while performing or as part of the scene.
  • A designated smoking area may not be near any patron activity or facility. Large buckets of sand or water must be placed in this area for disposal of tobacco or tobacco related products. The designated smoking area may be revoked or not allowed depending on weather and location conditions. Failure to comply with the smoking restrictions may result in a fine.



  • For Access:  Park Film Office: The Sign is in Griffith Park and entry to grounds requires approval by the Park Film Office. An appointment to scout the location with you and understand your needs in the context of what is permissible will be done prior to filming.  Please contact the Park Film Office at (323) 644-6220 or Click Here
  • For Permits: Film LA: Filming and photography requires a City of Los Angeles permit from FILM LA, INC.  Please contact FILM LA for this information at (213) 977-8600 or Click Here
  • For Licensing Permission: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce: The Hollywood Chamber owns certain trademark rights for usage of the Sign or its likeness for commercial purposes. Please contact the Chamber at 323.469.8311 x 125


HOURS - Filming is restricted to daylight hours only.
LOCATIONS - Areas provided for filming or photography in the Park is limited to:

  • Sign site - a ten foot wide, 80-foot long plateau on Mt. Lee, under the Sign letters, reached by a difficult climb down a steep embankment.
  • Park entrance area at the end of Deronda - Unpaved area northwest of gate entrance may be used as small base camp after review with Recreation and Parks Department.
  • Lake Hollywood Park (alternative) - Located at Mulholland Hwy and Canyon Lake Dr. This large grassy plot near the base of Mt. Lee, almost directly below Sign, has plentiful street parking and a good view of the Sign. This area is not subject to many of the usual Hollywood Sign Restrictions.


  • Driving shots along Mt. Lee Dr. are not permitted.
  • The paved access road to the Sign cannot be used for any purpose except drop-off at the Sign site. Parking is prohibited in order to insure fire equipment access.
  • Every activity at the Sign will be monitored and assisted by a Department Employee. No climbing on or touching of the Sign is permitted.
  • Street access to the residences outside the Deronda gate cannot be blocked.


  • No construction of any kind can be built around the sign or the park area near the surrounding neighborhood.
  • No alteration, physical changes or lighting of the Hollywood Sign or surrounding area is allowed.
  • No vegetation may be cut or removed.
  • NO SMOKING allowed in the Park.


  • Crew size must be limited to 20 or less at the Sign itself for safety reasons.
  • Equipment must be limited to necessary items which can be transported in one utility vehicle.
  • No more than 3 vehicles will be allowed at any one time in this area of the Park.
  • No large trucks or other large vehicles are permitted to travel Mt. Lee Dr.
  • No generators can be brought into the Park.