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The Municipal Sports Section is a centralized Department authority administrated by the Recreation Operations Branch. The primary emphasis is on adult sports league competition, administration and implementation and the administrative permitting of independent adult and youth league organizations. Team sport league competition is offered for adult Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Softball. Programs are conducted for both men and women. Services of the Municipal Sports Section include: League formation, facility assignment, league administration, official's training and assignments and awards. The municipal sports section encourages your comments and suggestions. Short term and long term conditional use permits are issued for various Department athletic fields.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Sports Permits


Outdoor Sports Field Permits

  • Field permits subject to availability and issued according to priority (see bottom of this page).
  • All events and permits at all RAP sites or locations will be permitted only in conformance with State, County and City guidelines.

The permitting entity that processes Outdoor Sports Field Permits depends on field location and jurisdiction days of the week and times. There are some exceptions to jurisdictions below; staff can direct you appropriately.

Monday-Friday after 7:00pm and all day on Sundays (also sole jurisdiction at many unstaffed facility sports fields):
Unstaffed Sports Fields:
John Ferraro Sports Complex, Griffith Park Soccer, Adam Bischoff, Balboa Soccer, Brand, Cesar Chavez (Sheldon/Arleta), Hansen Dam, Hjelte, Louise, Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, Whitsett
In San Fernando Valley (Valley Region):
Valley Municipal Sports Office

In All other parts of LA (Metro, Pacific, West Regions):
Metro/Pacific/West Muni Sports Office
Monday-Friday before 7:00pm and all day on Saturdays:
Contact the Park Director directly or call the Region Office where desired field is located:
Metro Region: (213) 485-1310
Pacific Region: (310) 548-7675
Valley Region: (818) 756-8060
West Region: (310) 202-2803
EXPO Center: (213) 763-0114 ext. 214
For some special facilities and for permit inquiries not on outdoor sports fields (Tennis, Basketball, group exercise, etc.), information on obtaining permits can be found at this link:
The Department prioritizes the general use of outdoor sports facilities based on the following criteria in descending order:
  1. Recreation and Parks Department organized activities.
  2. Long term leases, film permits, conditional use, right of entry, etc.
  3. Six month or longer revocable permits (i.e. Little Leagues).
  4. Youth and Adult independent agency requests for permits:
    • Permit request priority will go to agencies requesting to renew existing permits for the same dates as previously permitted.
    • New agency requests will be awarded on a first-come first-serve basis.

For detailed permit information, please contact the appropriate Municipal Sports office below:

Valley Sports Office
6911 Laurelgrove Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605 
Phone: (818) 765-0284
Fax: (818) 764-5794 
Griffith/Metro/Pacific Sports Office
3900 West Chevy Chase Drive., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: (818) 246-5613
Fax: (213) 847-2938


Full-Time Staff

Eric Mellem Senior Recreation Director Metro office  
John Knight Senior Recreation Director Metro Office  
Dave Gadelha Senior Recreation Director Metro Office  
Daniel Hernandez Recreation Coordinator Valley office