Rules and Regulations for Vending Food and Commercial Items


The Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) manages over 450 public parks and 170 recreational centers, golf courses, trails, museums, and facilities. These sites also include rest areas, playgrounds, community gardens, parking lots, fields, swimming pools, and other structures. RAP’s highest priority is to maintain its parks, open spaces and facilities as safe, well-programmed, and accessible sites for all to enjoy and recreate in. While vending items in a park is allowed in the City of Los Angeles, the rules and regulations are taken seriously to ensure sanitary, safe and clean conditions. These regulations are described below.


Download: Vending Rules & Regulations Board Report | Vending Rules & Regulations Flyer (English)


Where can I vend in a City park?

Not all parks within LA City RAP can accommodate permitted vendors.  If a park does not prohibit vendors, vendors are allowed to vend in any paved pathway or designated walking areas in the park. 


Where shouldn’t I vend in a City park?

In any situation, vendors cannot vend in the following areas:

  • Maintenance or storage yards
  • Parking stalls or designated parking areas
  • Dirt paths, trails, grass areas
  • Within 100 feet of any building, recreation center, bathroom, structure, or playground
  • Within 500 feet of any school site, camp, youth activity center or senior center
  • Within 2500 feet of the Greek Theatre on concert and event nights
  • Within 2500 feet of Griffith Observatory or the Griffith Observatory parking lot
  • Anywhere in Elysian Park from three hours before the start until three hours after the end of all events at Dodger Stadium, including baseball games, concerts, races
  • Five (5) feet of park benches or other park furniture and from within 10 feet of any crosswalk
  • 25 feet of any fountain, statue, monument or art installation
  • Any park deeded, granted, or gifted to the City of Los Angeles with restriction on commercial activity


When and how can I vend in a City park?

Our parks have regular business hours that can sometimes change from park to park based on the programming that exists there or any special programming at our recreation centers.

  • Vendors must close at least 30 minutes prior to park closing
  • No vending is allowed when a park is closed

There are also many special events that RAP participates in or hosts. Vending is prohibited during any park filming, festival, concert, movie night, special event, carnival, parade, running event, or other Department approved, temporarily permitted activity.


Capacity and Other Requirements

We want to keep our parks safe and clean for our patrons and ensure that the vending activities don’t take away from the enjoyment of park patrons who come to our parks for active recreation or passive activity. The number of vendors per park are limited to two (2) vendors per acre and within 25 feet of another vendor.

Vending in a park shall be on a first come first served basis and vendors must keep an accurate log of their entry and departure times. 

Below are other requirements for vendors:

  • Must comply with LA County Health Department.
  • Are responsible for clean-up and removal of any waste, food items, package, litter or materials occurring because of or related to their sales.
  • Are prohibited from placing any liquid or solid waste in park trashcans, including dumping ice on park property.
  • Must bring vermin proof trash receptacles.
  • Prohibited from hooking up to or using any water, electrical, or gas outlets for the sale of their food or merchandise.
  • Cannot sell unsanitary or unsafe, dangerous, or harmful food, beverage, or merchandise. Including archery equipment, knives, sling shots, or any objects that appear to be weapons, such as squirt guns, toy guns, or toy knives.
  • Must have and display all permits in visible area.
  • Nothing in these rules authorizes vending of personal services including but not limited to boot camps, massage services, yoga, dog training, animal rides, petting zoos, or sports/fitness classes.
  • No vending conveyance, stand, or pushcart shall touch, lean against, or be affixed to any lamp post, parking meter, mail box, traffic signal, picnic table, fire hydrant, tree, plant, planter box, rock formation, bench, bus shelter, or trashcan.

What happens if I violate these rules?


Violations of these rules and regulations shall be punishable as non-criminal fines under the City’s Administrative Citation Enforcement (ACE) pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 42.13D. California law SB 946 does not restrict RAP from adopting rules and regulations for the prohibition of unauthorized or non-permitted commercial services in parks. The Department of Recreation and Parks reserves the right to amend, change or alter any of these rules in conformance with local and state law at any time and as needed.


Reference Materials


To vend on sidewalks and/or parks in the City of Los Angeles as of January 1, 2020, you must have a permit.

To apply, visit the Bureau of Street Services for information on City of Los Angeles sidewalk vending rules and regulations. Apply early and save money!