Adaptive Swim Lessons

Our Adaptive swim lesson program is open to all persons ages 4 and up through adulthood who have different physical or cognitive needs. This is a group lesson, where the instructor incorporates water safety and swimming fundamentals, while accommodating the abilities of each individual. Aides are encouraged to get in the water with their participant at no extra cost, but are not mandated to unless specifically needed for medical or safety reasons

Novice Teams

Novice Aquatic Sports Programs are intended for the recreational participant. Novice programs operate on a seasonal calendar, however we encourage year-round participation in order to experience the full breadth of various aquatic sports competition. Team practices include water instruction and in some cases dry land warm-ups. There is an opportunity for all participants to compete against other city pools with similar ability and age citywide. Participation award is given seasonally to each individual. Novice Sports Program are designed to accommodate both male and female participants.

Prerequisites: Participants must be 7-17 years of age and must be able to demonstrate swimming ability prior to team registration.

  • Springboard Dive Team

Includes instruction on 1 meter board. Training emphasis is on technique to accomplish required basic dives.

  • Swim Team

Includes instruction on the four basic competitive strokes.

  • Synchronized Swim Team (Synchro Team)

Includes instruction on figures, routines, and choreography.

  • Water Polo Team

Includes instruction on drills, shooting, passing, swimming conditioning, and overall knowledge of the game.


Special Olympics provides an opportunity for persons with mental and physical disabilities an opportunity to join a swim team to train and compete in Special Olympic events.


  • Aquacise

This fat-burning fitness workout incorporates muscular and cardiovascular conditioning. Exercise includes some rhythmic activities, muscle strengthening and toning while having fun too!

  • Flex-stretch

A low stretch and walk class that moves at a more leisurely pace. This class promotes flexibility, improves posture and increases cardiovascular endurance. Enjoy the rewards of working in a safe and effective exercise program.

  • Step Aerobically

A high intensity, high stepping, exciting water exercise program. Enjoy the benefits of this "Step in Water" program designed to minimize land (shock) impact, gain greater flexibility and resistance. This class will challenge even the toughest "Aerobic Animal". Ideal for non-swimmers too! Not recommended for those just beginning an exercise program.

  • Woggle Work

A new water exercise concept using the "woggle", a colorful and exciting buoyancy device that provides extra stability when exercising. The class helps strength building thru a cardiovascular, fat burning aerobic workout. This is a shallow water activity recommended for all ages, giving even non-swimmers confidence.

  • Zero-Impact

A deep-water exercise class that strengthens and builds all over muscle tone without impact to the joints. Belts will be provided or you may bring your own. Participants must be to able to swim in deep water.