No motors allowed, except electric trolling motors (not to exceed 5 horsepower). Powerboats with outboards can be used on the lake with the following restrictions:

• Outboard motor in the up position
• Propeller removed
• Gas cans removed

All boats must be a minimum of 7'6" in length but may not exceed 18 feet in length. The speed limit is five miles per hour, including sailboats.


All boats must have current registration with the State of California except:

• Boats propelled manually,
• Boats 8 feet or less in length propelled solely by sail,
• Boats currently registered in another state and not remaining in California for more than 90 days.

All boats with electric motors including canoes must be registered and display a current registration sticker and CF numbers.


Launching of all boats must take place at the launch ramp.


All vessels are subject to inspection by the lifeguards before launching. Lifeguards reserve the right to override manufacturer's specifications such as passenger capacity and may limit the number of people on board.


Personal Flotation Devices (life jacket/cushion):

• For boats under 16 feet, one U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device, (life jacket), either Type I, II, or III is required for each person on board.

• For boats over 16 feet that are powered by sail or electric trolling motor, one U.S. Coast Guard approved P.F.D., Type I, II or III is required for each person on board plus one Type IV.

• All P.F.D.'s must be in good condition, appropriate size for all people on board, and be readily accessible.

• All sailboats with masts must affix a float at the masthead sufficient to prevent submersion of mast.

• No anchors allowed, due to an underwater aeration system.

• No stand-up paddle boarding.