Valley Region Permit Requests

This website is currently only if you are interested in reserving an area at Lake Balboa, Woodley Park, Hansen Dam or Warner Center Park. If you wish to reserve an area at any other location, please contact them directly.
Reservation Instructions


  1. Complete the Facility Interest Form
    1. This is a request only. You are not guaranteed the location or date.
  2. Reservation staff will review the responses and contact you.
    1. If the location is available they will send you an official application to complete. This may be completed digitally with Adobe Sign if desired.
    2. If it is unavailable you will be presented with alternate dates and/or locations.
  3. Complete the application and submit it.
  4. Reservation staff will review the application, enter it into the payment system, and ensure approvals from management are handled (if applicable).
  5. The patron is notified about the fee and any insurance requirements.
    1. Call the Valley Permit Office at (818) 756-8187 to determine if proof of insurance has been successfully uploaded.
  6. The reservation fee may be paid on, or a check may be mailed to the Valley Permit Office at 6335 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406.
  7. The official permit will be sent to the patron.




  1. How far in advance may I reserve an area?
    1. Reservations may be made months in advance; however, picnics must be requested 30 days in advance, and special events need at least 90 days to process.
    2. Fees are determined based on reservation purpose, headcount and amenities requested. All fees have been approved by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks Board of Commissioners. Rental fees begin from the time you arrive to setup to the time you leave after cleanup. For specifics, contact the Valley Permit Office at (818) 756-8187.
  2. Will I need to provide proof of insurance?
    1. Insurance is dependent on the event type. Examples of events which require insurance are special events, walks/races, car shows, and any picnic reservation with a moonbounce/jumper. Contact the Valley Permit Office for more information.
  3. Is there a list of approved insurance companies for special events?
    1. The City of Los Angeles cannot recommend any insurance providers.
  4. Is alcohol allowed?
    1. No – LAMC 12.24
  5. Are moonbounces allowed?
    1. This is dependent on the location, and all companies must provide proof of insurance.
  6. Is amplified sound allowed?
    1. This depends on the location and the reservation type. Contact the Valley Permit Office for more information.
  7. How long will my permit be held without payment in full?
    1. Reservations not paid in full within two weeks of the event will be cancelled. Any non-refundable deposits will be lost.
  8. Why do I have to fill out both an interest form as well as an application?
    1. In order to prevent confusion, applications are only to be filled out once a location and date are confirmed.


Files Available for Download
Plot Plan Example
Woodley Park Map
Hansen Dam Map
Warner Center Map