Picnics require a minimum reservation notice of one month in advance. At that time, if no reservation has been made previously, the unreserved areas will become "first-come first-served." No alcohol or pony rides allowed. Groups may bring in extra tables, chairs, canopies, BBQs as needed, and moonbounces with permit only. Special approval is required for amplified sound.

Woodley Park
6335 Woodley Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406
For Reservations Call: (818) 756-8187 or Fax: (818) 786-8415
FeesNumber of PeopleFees (Free Admission)
Section # 1, # 21 - 50$75.00
Section # 1, # 251 - 100$100.00
Section # 1, # 2101 - 500$200.00
Section # 1501 - 1000$500.00
Section # 11001 - over*$1,000.00 (*may be considered a special event)
Moonbounce Permit $20.00 (with application only)
Refundable Clean-Up/Damage deposit (minimum) $50.00 up to $1,500.00


Park Section Features
Section 1:Section 2:
154 parking places (5 Handicapped)80 parking paces, including two handicapped
26 picnic tables32 picnic tables
Entire area shaded by treesArea partially shaded by trees
Located next to restroom building (handicapped accessible)Next to children's play area
Six barbequesRestroom building nearby


Special Event Permit - Woodley Park

AttendanceUse Fee
(Free Admission)
Use Fee
(Paid Admission)
1 - 250$100.00$350.00
251 - 500$250.00$750.00
1001 – Over$850.00 min.Negotiable by Region Superintendent
Special Services
(all equipment and personnel services are extra)
Department Personnel (per hr/per full-time maintenance staff) or current overtime rate (1-1/2) + 8% Admin Fee
Refundable Clean-Up Fee
Assessment of litter and damages will be determined after event.$500.00 min. (depending on size of event)

For more information, contact Permits & Administrative Office at (818) 756-8187.

Dog Show Park Permit - Woodley Park

Woodley Park offers Sections 1 and 2 of the park for staging a dog show. Groups wishing to stage a dog show must contact Administrative Services at (818) 756-8187 to request an application.

MAINTENANCE DEPOSIT (minimum) = $50.00

Insurance is required and paperwork can be filled out online through our insurance website: www.kwikcomply.org and once it has been approved, please contact the Permit Office in order to look-up the policy on the internet to confirm.  All Sepulveda Basin and Hansen Dam areas must add the “Army Corp of Engineers” and the “Department of Recreation and Parks” as additionally insured on the policy.

Groups will be responsible for cleaning up and leaving the area in a presentable and useable condition.   The $100.00 (minimum) refundable security/cleanup deposit will be affected if not compliant to the clean-up agreement.

Groups wishing to stage a dog show must notify our maintenance department of the Sepulveda Basin at (818)756-7667 for review.

Once application is reviewed by the Permit Office, applicant will be contacted within 5 working days. If the application is approved, applicant will be instructed to pay park fees at least one month before the event. Upon receipt of those fees, applicants will be mailed a permit.

In the event of an extremely large group, organizer may be requested to provide dumpster or trash removal method.

All dog waste will be removed by applicant before leaving the premises.